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Cheap Social Media Marketing services

The social media sites are now heart of internet. The invent of smartphones, portable devices has changed the way people use internet. Social networking and media sharing sites are now key players of the web. Even the big search engines now consider social engagement as an important ranking factor. So your business needs strong social presence for purposes like branding, getting customer feedbacks, reaching new customers. We provide cheap Social Media Marketing services.

We shall create profiles on top ten popular social sites and share unique contents which appeal the visitors to convert into customers. We shall create profiles on following social sites:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • MySpace (for USA only)
  • Wordpress
  • Blogger
The above combination blends different types of sites: social networking, video sharing, image sharing, microblogging and blogging. Depending on niche of your website we may drop few sites from above and choose other suitable community sites.

Benefits of adopting Social Media Marketing:

1) Search engine optimization: SMM helps to get better ranking on search engines.
2) Branding: SMM helps to create strong brand image among the potential customers.
3) Feedback: Social sites give good opportunity to get feedback from the customers.
4) Advertising: SMM is a cheaper method of advertising products and services.

SMM Package details:

~ 10 profiles will be created on ten popular social sites.
~ 5 videos will be created and shared.
~ 20 images of different sizes will be created and shared.
~ 10 blogs will be written and posted.
~ We shall try to get many twitter followers and FB likes.
~ We shall do 500 backlinks for the profiles, blogs, images and videos.
~ Updates will be posted regularly on sites which allow to share status updates.
Fee for this SMM package:
Total fee will be $300 USD/CAD for the above mentioned SMM package.
Completion time for the SMM package:
This proposed SMM package will be completed in two months.
Expected output:
Hopefully you will get some clients/sales/leads from this proposed SMM package. Also some of these pages may rank well on search engines for some relevant keywords. This may help to get better ranking of your own website, in case you have one. Although output will vary widely depending on attractiveness of your business.
Contact me to "enampwd@gmail.com" if you have any query regarding Social Media Marketing.

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