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Cheap Internet Marketing Services.

Reliable online advertising service provider.

I am a freelance internet marketing professional from Dhaka, Bangladesh having more than TEN years of experience in the online marketing field. I am a graduate engineer and now doing MBA in Marketing from Dhaka University. I have a small team of young energetic workers who do various work with me including posting. My internet marketing services include classified ad posting, search engine optimization, link building, directory submission, SEO and any kind of data entry and data processing services.

Classified ad posting is my specialization. I advertise on popular free online classified websites worldwide. I also provide SEO services. I have got good success with my SEO services. I have been rendering my online marketing services successfully since the year of 2006. So far I have served many many customers from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and other countries.

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Contact me to get a quote for our online marketing services. Also you may send me email to "enampwd (at) gmail.com" to get a quote for my manual online advertising services. I prefer email over instant messenger.

Why Online Advertising?
Because internet is gaining more and more popularity every day. The number of internet users are increasing rapidly. Number of smart phone users are increasing day-by-day. Smart phones has changed people's shopping habit. Now-a-days people love to shop using their smart phones. Online advertising is much cheaper than traditional newspaper, television or other form of offline advertising. The evolution of portable devices has increased the scope of internet marketing tremendously. Now people quickly do a search on the internet when they are looking for something in their local area.


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I help small business owners to acquire new clients with their limited rosources and to increase sales.